The CCRI is a non-profit organisation which aspires to bring together leading scientists working across different areas of biology and medical sciences to develop an internationally competitive program of research, aiming to improve the current understanding on cancer pathogenesis and to develop novel therapeutic approaches against different cancer types.

CCRI’s strategy focusses on building on the existing strengths of the local partners, identifying and building on infrastructure and resources to be made available to all researchers and on keeping the research directions and focus areas broad enough to allow new researchers joining the Institute to be able to assimilate their research interests and form a niche within the Institute.

Research Groups

Institutional Teams

Each of the CCRI founding partners has their own Institutional Team, which is funded by the CCRI for three years. The work of each of the institutional teams emphasises on establishing their respective target research direction. 

International Teams

CCRI Sponsored Projects

Strengthening the synergies between the founding partners is one of the strategic results CCRI aims to deliver within the first years of its operation. To drive novel research and collaborations between researchers within its founding partners, announced its “Bridges in Cancer Research Excellence” call for proposal in August 2020. In March 2021 four grants of €200.000 each were awarded.