About CCRI

Our History

A true interdisciplinary network of leading academic, clinical and diagnostic partners came together for the first time to establish the Cyprus Cancer Research Institute (CCRI), as a response to the pressing need for a dedicated centre of excellence in cancer research to strengthen and facilitate the important work of individuals involved in cancer research in Cyprus.

The materialisation of the CCRI started to become a possibility in July 2018, when the George and Kaity David Foundation offered a generous donation of €6 million as a substantial aid in the development of the CCRI’s state of the art facilities. The CCRI was officially launched in July 2019. In the beginning of April 2020 the Institute officially started its operations and later in the same month received €1 million in funding support from the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation. The construction work for CCRI’s “Nicola David-Pinedo” building started June 2020, with the completion estimated in late 2022.

Our Founders

CCRI is a unique partnership between leading organisations in Cyprus. Our founding partners are leaders in Cyprus in their respective fields and their commitment in supporting and meaningfully enabling the establishment of CCRI is playing a pivotal role in materialising the Institute in various ways.


The University of Cyprus pledged to provide financial support to CCRI over a period of 7 years, contributed the land within its campus for the construction of the Institute’s facilities and provides access to all its research facilities.

The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre contributed their clinical trial facilities and access to invaluable data and material from cancer patients under their care.


The Karaiskakio Foundation committed one of its wings for housing the CCRI administration and research staff until the completion of CCRI’s facilities and has granted unrestricted access to key core facilities.


Our Philosophy

The CCRI aims to become a leading cancer research institute, spanning a wide spectrum of cancer research from investigating the molecular and cellular basis of cancer, to translational research and the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and practices. To achieve this the CCRI will adhere to its core values whilst striving to deliver its vision, mission and strategic priorities.

Leadership & Structure

The CCRI is governed by its 11-member Board of Directors (BoD) which is responsible for strategic, budgeting and policy matters. Representatives of the founding partners and the “George and Kaity David Foundation” are appointed as members for a period of four years, with the potential of reappointment. The Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Treasurer are elected by the members of the BoD.

For the first years of the establishment of the Institute, the CCRI BoD appointed interim research and managing directors to aid with the development of the preliminary research strategy and the design of the operations of the Institute.

In addition, the CCRI BoD established several sub-committees to handle the day-to-day matters of the Institute. Committee members are assigned for a term of four years with the possibility of re-assignment.

Lastly the CCRI’s BoD appointed an International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) for a period of two years (renewable). The ISAB is composed by seven internationally recognised scientists and researchers with experience in leading cancer research teams and institutes. Its function is to act as an independent advisory body making recommendations directly to the BoD and the Scientific Advisory Committee.