About CCRI

The Cyprus Cancer Research Institute (CCRI) is a Non for Profit aspiring to become a world class interdisciplinary research institute that will operate within a network of leading clinical and academic partners, namely the University of Cyprus (UCY), the Karaiskakio Foundation (KF) and the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre (BOCOC), aiming to promote excellence in the field of cancer research and in the development and utilization of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches against this devastating disease. The Institute will bring together leading scientists working across different areas of biology and medical sciences to develop an internationally competitive program of research aiming to improve the current understanding on cancer pathogenesis and to develop novel therapeutic approaches against different cancer types.

Through state-of-the-art facilities, a strong multidisciplinary research team and links with world-leading institutions, the CCRI will lie at the center of a nexus of leading cancer researchers, oncologists, cancer service providers, scientists and academics, to create a National Cancer Research Network of Excellence, in so doing bringing Cyprus to the forefront of cancer research and cancer patient care. The CCRI will support basic and translational research projects for cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Through a rigorous and competitive academic and research program, state-of-the-art technology and a forward looking infrastructure, the CCRI will also operate as an incubator for the development and training of young scientists that will establish Cyprus as the hub of a leading scientific community focused on cancer research

Mission and Scope

The mission of the CCRI is to promote high caliber cancer research in Cyprus and to breed the next generation of cancer research scientists. The CCRI is anticipated to become a leading cancer research institute, spanning a wide spectrum of cancer research from investigating the molecular and cellular basis of cancer, to translational research and the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and practices.   

The CCRI will build bridges with and transfer knowledge from centers of excellence abroad, create synergies with established centers in Cyprus, provide research opportunities, offer training and mentorship to young scientists and support a culture of entrepreneurship in cancer research.

University of Cyprus
Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center
Karaiskakio Foundation

Board of Directors

SN Name POSITION Representing
1 Constantinos Christofides Chairman University of Cyprus
2 Lazaros Savvides Vice-Chairman Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center
3 Takis Klerides Treasurer Karaiskakio Foundation
4 Gerasimos Filippatos Member University of Cyprus
5 Georgia Panayiotou Member University of Cyprus
6 Constantinos Pitris Member University of Cyprus
7 Popi Kanari Member Karaiskakio Foundation
8 Pavlos Costeas Member Karaiskakio Foundation
9 Demetris Papamichael Member Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center
10 Charis Pouangare Member Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center
11 Clemente Pinedo Member The “George and Katy David” Foundation
12 Marina Soteriadou Petridou Secretary (no voting rights) University of Cyprus

Interim Executive Administrative Committee 

1Anastasia Constantinidou Chairwoman University of Cyprus
2Pavlos Costeas Vice-chairman Karaiskakio Foundation
3Marina Soteriadou Petridou Secretary University of Cyprus
4Panos Ergatoudes Member Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center

International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB)

1Professor Vassiliki BoussiotisHarvard Medical School, USA
2Professor Julian DownwardFrancis Crick Institute London, UK
3Professor Peter JohnsonUniversity of Southampton, UK
4Professor J.H.J.M. (Han) van KriekenRadboud University, Netherlands
5Professor Leonidas C. PlataniasRobert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, USA
6Professor Dr. Roland RadTechnische Universitat Munchen, Germany
7Professor E.G.E. (Elisabeth) de VriesUniversity Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands

CCRI Policies